Risk mitigation / refresh

Client: Legal top 30

Pre-existing technologies: TSM

Servers: 100

Sites: UK and Asia



The client’s pre-existing backup strategy used their primary storage as a staging area before writing to tape. Facing a storage refresh, they saw an opportunity to reduce risk by separating out backup. At the same time, the impending obsolescence of some their LTO tapes meant that recall of older data might become problematic.


Implementing BaaS not only reduced risk but also meant a smaller primary storage refresh. In addition, we copied the tape-based data onto the latest LTO variant as part of the ongoing restore service from their legacy environment. A few months after the initial implementation, rollout to a location in Asia required integration with public cloud for long term retention. Now one of our longest-standing clients, the on premise estate has grown considerably over the years with recent data growth coming particularly from M&A activity and increasing adoption of cloud apps. In that time we have been through two major upgrades to our core software and upgraded the on-premise cache at no extra cost to the client.