Breaking vendor stranglehold

Client: FTSE250 Financial services

Pre-existing technology: NetBackup

Servers: 850

Sites: Six across Europe, Asia & USA



For several years before the decision to move to BaaS, we were managing the client’s NBU environment as it went through a period of rapid growth. This led the client to a capacity crunch and a decision whether to purchase a significant licence uplift and extra storage infrastructure or move to a service-based approach.


The business case pointed clearly towards the latter and the client’s nascent public cloud strategy only reinforced the desire to replace ownership with an as-a-service model. Since the initial rollout, integrating with a leading public cloud for storage of long term data, the service has been expanded to cover six new locations including a wholly private region as well as backup-within-the-cloud, all under a unified solution. 24×7 coverage means that all client users experience the same level of service, regardless of time zone and the simple, volume-based charge means that each location gets transparent costs. Restores from the legacy NetBackup environment are also provided from time to time.