As a Service agenda

Client: FTSE350 Travel & Leisure

Pre-existing technology: NetBackup

Servers: 380

Sites: Five across Europe



The client wanted to direct internal resource towards more strategic areas of IT such as DevOps and hand backup operations to an expert supplier. Furthermore, they had no wish to continue owning backup assets and paying support and maintenance to multiple third parties.


The as-a-service model was seen an ideal fit using the 4sl cloud as the long-term retention target. In one location, the client’s data volumes grew to the point where a dedicated circuit was needed to transmit long-term data; this was duly provisioned at no extra cost to the client. More recently, integrated archiving has provided the additional benefit of freeing up significant primary storage volumes and avoiding extra capital expenditure. And as the client’s infrastructure has evolved, we have rolled out integration with new technologies, notably Openstack and Informix.