Ageing infrastructure

Client: FTSE250 Support Services

Pre-existing technologies: Data Protector, Arcserve

Servers: 1,000+

Sites: Two in the UK




The client’s main backup software was in need of upgrade and the hardware was end of life as well as being out of capacity. Maintaining a second software platform was also far from ideal. Analysis of the two main options facing the client – refresh and upgrade or move to BaaS – showed a clear cost advantage of the latter. Furthermore, upcoming public cloud and cloud app adoption meant that the incumbent technologies were no longer able to provide complete coverage.


Significant datacentre space was freed up thanks primarily to decommissioning large tape libraries, replaced by much smaller 4sl on-premise appliances for quick restores; long term data is stored in the 4sl cloud. Restores from pre-existing backups are also provided as part of the service, hosted in a 4sl datacentre.

Like many enterprises, the client’s data protection concerns are turning increasingly to cloud apps such as Office365 and public cloud workloads, all of which are protected under our single solution and without any significant engineering work by the client.