Transformation Governance

Embarking on a technology transformation can be a daunting challenge. The vast range of technologies now available from a multitude of vendors make the product selection process a complex task. The need for agility and innovation to the business makes it a moving target and it has to be achieved with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Add the constant commercial pressure of doing “more with less” leads to transformation initiatives being critical to business success and fraught with risk.

With the breadth of technology expertise at its disposal coupled with years and years of in depth experience in scoping, managing and delivering transformation projects, 4sl can offer unrivalled, independent assistance to any organisation undertaking major technology and process change. This can run in parallel with the services delivered from selected vendors and partners.



Projects are typically very bespoke and tailored to the needs of a particular client, but typically consist of a combination of the following phases of work:

  • Assessment of the existing environment to capture the drives for change – this is commonly the full Data Protection Maturity Assessment described here…
  • Formulating the requirements for transformation from the technical and operational recommendations generated from the assessment.
  • Assisting in an advisory capacity with the execution of an RFP/ITT process. This can include developing the required documentation, reviewing tender responses and assistance with scoring and selection.
  • Acting in a quality assurance capacity during subsequent delivery of a selected solution. This typically includes bringing best practice expertise to the review of all design documentation, verifying traceability back to requirements, documentation of acceptance criteria for subsequent validation and approval and guidance on introducing new technology and process to daily operations.
  • Providing technology focussed expertise to the deployment of new technology

Below is an example of a Transformation Governance project delivered by 4sl to major UK Utilities Company:

governanceThere were two fundamental phases:

  • A strategic and architectural governance phase that began with the standard 4sl Data Protection Maturity Assessment. This generated a number of Strategic, Operational and Technical recommendations, one of which was the need to generate a Service Catalogue. Four categories of service were defined, two of which would be met by improvements to the existing incumbent technology, with the other two being met with a new technology selection.
  • A deployment governance phase which consisted of two parallel projects. One focussed on implementing technical and operational improvements to the incumbent solution. The second involved the deployment of new technology. Both projects followed a typical waterfall approach of Design, Execute, Deploy and Operate.