Managed Services = Confidence

Enterprise service comes as standard. Discover how we manage environments from Alaska to Asia, on premise and in the cloud                      

Our managed services start from one simple principle: performance is everything. Regardless of whether your company has one Terabyte or several Petabytes, we approach service the same way.

Why 4sl?

  • Enterprise SLA underpinned by 24×7 service
  • Breadth and depth of coverage across the enterprise storage and backup technologies
  • Robust, repeatable onboarding methodology
  • Flexible service management: full integration with your service management system or use of our self-service portal


Find out more about the services we offer

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup for the enterprise datacentre is now a reality, offering industry-leading service levels and significant cost savings versus traditional, tape-based approaches. It scales across multiple datacentres and hundreds of terabytes of data and our clients include some of the best-known companies in the UK.

Cloud Archiving

Keeping ageing data online is expensive, both in primary storage costs and unnecessary backups, as well as deriving little business value due to difficulty in search. Leaving data to stagnate is also poor practice from a governance perspective. Cloud archiving solves all these problems.

Managed backup

We support some of the largest and most complex environments in the world across 18 time zones from Alaska to Singapore, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You keep your infrastructure and hand over day-to-day backup operations* to us for a monthly per-server cost.

DR from the cloud

The emergence of the cloud is leading to more and more companies shifting their IT workloads and associated data into Cloud Infrastructures on an on-demand and pay as you go basis.

Utility Storage

Mapping applications and data to clearly defined storage service levels enables organisations to migrate from in-house homogenous storage infrastructures to an externally managed storage utility based on storage services delivered from on a range of technology options, delivered on a per GB price.