Backup Assessment

Poorly performing backup environments are surprisingly common, even in the enterprise world. Our fixed-price assessment provides a clear view of the problem areas, both technical and operational, as well as a recommended course of action. Depending on your requirements and appetite for change, this can be expanded into a full strategic review and roadmap. Our vendor independence means we can advise what is genuinely in your best interests.

Backup Solutions have always been one of the most challenging tasks within a Data Centre. Moving TBs of data across a dynamic and complex IT infrastructure to protect a server estate housing ever increasing data volumes presents a continuous ongoing operational headache. Consequently, backup solutions usually drift in quality of service with decreasing success rates, poor performance and lack of scalability seen across even the most mature environments. The vast range of hardware and software technologies now available from leading vendors complicates any future transformation plans.

4sl have developed a Data Protection Maturity Assessment that reviews all aspects of a backup solution to identify areas of exposure and recommendations for improvement. Reviewing both the technology deployed and the operational management in place, this fixed price assessment is based on the following approach:

  • Workshops with key stakeholders, administrators and operators about all aspects of backup and recovery, addressing infrastructure, configuration, data profile, operations and service delivery.
  • A review of the backup and recovery strategy in place in terms of service levels, backup policies, data retention and DR strategy.
  • The capture of data metrics from the backup environment including server numbers, data volumes, backup success rates, data throughput, storage utilisation, configuration and restore performance.
  • An assessment of the infrastructure in terms of capability and capacity.
  • Review of all operational processes across the full ITIL framework covering all relevant roles and responsibilities.
  • Review of Design and Operational Documentation.
  • Review of relevant business and IT strategy including any in-flight initiatives.
  • Completion of maturity questionnaires in collaboration with key personnel around technical features, capabilities and aspects of ITIL based service delivery.

The output from the questionnaires will be used to score overall maturity assessments for both the technical and operational aspects of the solution, showing current maturity against target set by the client, as illustrated in the diagrams below.


For both the technical and operational viewpoints, a deeper dive analysis of maturity is presented by scoring more focussed components aspects as illustrated by the following spider graph:




These diagrams highlight particular areas of exposure or weakness that would need particular focus in any remediation plan.

The above analysis generates a series of technical and operational recommendations for remediating key issues and improving the level of maturity to the target specified by the client. These recommendations cover the full spectrum, from technology configuration through to all aspects of operational management. The recommendations are also framed in terms of a future roadmap for remediation, categorising them in terms of short term quick wins, medium term improvements and longer term strategic initiatives.