Enterprise-class storage & backup for business

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Cloud Backup
Enterprise-class cloud service

Reduce risk and costs

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud, look no further.

Combined with the same high levels of service but typically saving 20% versus traditional tape of disk solutions.

Take advantage of a 30 day free pilot

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Cloud Archiving
Archiving infrequently-accessed data

Cloud Archiving

With data growth running at an average of 40% p.a. across the industry and primary storage costing upwards of 50p per GB per month, the pressure on corporate IT is mounting.

One of the easiest ways to start tackling the problem is by archiving infrequently-accessed data.

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Managed Backup
Highest possible service levels

Keep your infrastructure and hand over the day-to-day operation to us.

You get the highest possible service levels – all under SLA including 98.5% backup success, 24x7 monitoring and fix, restores within two hours, online reporting and monthly face-to-face reviews – for a monthly per-server cost.

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Expertise in all major backup technology

We cover every major backup technology

Our range of project services are delivered by accredited consultants to satisfy any phase of the service life-cycle, so whatever you’re using, we can help.

Some examples of the results we deliver.

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Find out where your risks are

Concerned about the performance of your backup?

Think it might be costing too much? Our fixed-price assessment is ideally suited to finding out where the problems lie and what you should be doing about them.

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SAN Migrations
Heterogeneous SAN & array migrations

Heterogeneous SAN & array migrations – Delivered

Speed up migrations by months, realise the full benefits of decommissioning and recycled capacity.

Typically 60% cheaper than vendor consultancy

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You expect IT infrastructure to work. But when it goes wrong and critical business data is lost, the financial and reputational consequences can destroy value in a stroke.

We understand that better than anyone, as several FTSE100 and Fortune Global 500 companies can attest. If you take data protection seriously, you’re in the right place.

Free Backup Healthcheck

Find out your backup fitness with our independent rating system.
We highlight potential risks and provide tailored recommendations in a 2-page report.

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Cloud backup


Guides and Tools

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